2010 Football – Many Farms

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  1. we appreciate your time that goes into the videos. i look forward to watching them after every game, i really loved this one thank you.


  2. My wife does videos and she wants to know how you can just keep the red and the rest black and white. She can’t figure it out.

    1. Well it’s called “The Sin City Effect” it’s used alot in commercials too. Depending on what program she is using she will need to isolate the color of her choice and de-saturate everything else using the tools that she may or may not already have. I currently use Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 to edit in. I use the Secondary Color Correcting tool to do this. There are many tutorials on the web on how to do this. Just “Google” “Sin City Effect”.

      I was going to do this much earlier in the year but I had to wait for a school that had very little RED on site.

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