2010 Football-JV – Joseph City Wildcats

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  1. I think it is great. I feel that editing something is kind of like putting together a story and its not as easy as it may seem. I love your videos so no worries I think its great!!!

  2. Thanks for an acknowledgement on that. Games like that are very tough to put together. The game was a really high scoring game with basically two players doing all the scoring. I try to add songs to stretch out the video, and also make room to show that other players are out there giving 100% too. Thanks agian. The Grey Hills game was a fun game to edit using both views from my camera and the press box cam. I did edit Ludacris so as not to be too offensive. But if anyone is, I’m sorry.

    1. I think the song is great because it goes good with the game!! People to realize how hard it is to edit a video they think its just video clips thrown in with some music but its much more then that!! I like the songs Alex and I like what you do!!

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