2010 Girls Soccer – Round Valley

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  1. I’m going to echo Charlene. We should be happy and thankfull that Alex is willing to give of himself for the kids. Whatever program that may be.

    The petty rivalrys only exist in those who lack a wider perspective. As for fundraising for lights–I believe it is the schools obligation to provide equally for all sports. Some programs lack severely in comparable facilities.

    The focus should always be the kids. Regardless of the sport or activity. go Skins

  2. this is great for me to beable to watch from CT…Since i cannot be there to watch Kyrstin play this is the next best thing!! Thank you for taking the time to do all this!!

  3. I totally understand what you mean and I didn’t intend for it to become a smack board in any way. I just noticed what I said before. I absolutely love the videos!!

    As for the first reply.. no need to be rude. 🙂

    1. Soccer girls are legit and they have total respect for the volleyball girls also. We support eachother when we can. It’s not our fault either when they schedule us to play. So sorry for the conflicts with volleyball and soccer but we support eachother, we’ve matured a little quicker than most:)

  4. Hey guys, this isn’t a smack board. Alex rarely makes it to soccer games because they start so early. He hasn’t video taped the boys once, not because they are winning or losing, but because he has a job that comes first. He does what he CAN for the KIDS. He did soccer because it was finally at a time when he could get there. Please don’t start fighting about whose game gets a video. This costs my family in more than one way. Like I said…this isn’t a smack board.

  5. Just because soccer complains doesn’t mean you have to catch every one of their games ;). We all know they are taking state :).

    But this game time situation for soccer and volleyball is ridiculous. It’s making the “rivalry” worse. The soccer teams were given their own field to play on. Either move the times or fundraise for some lights.

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