2011 Dance Team – RV Halftime

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  1. Enjoyed the videos of the half time performances and the football footage from all the schools keep up the good work

  2. Round Valley High School does not have a dance team…if you need to check with the high school you will find this to be a true statement the dance studio that performed is a privately owned business the name of this studio is Genuine Dance.

  3. Yes I am going to but I though I would try and get the music that was used. It always makes for a nicer video to over=dub music so that is sounds better. I do agree that the girls did an outstanding job that night.

  4. I just wondered if you were going to post the performance of the Cheer Team’s performance on line as well. They performed just before dance and I would have thought they would have been in the video as well. Their performance was outstanding. If it’s already posted can you please direct me to it. Thank you.

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